• Training SystemsTraining Systems

    for industry and trade, schools, school laboratories, universities
    Training systems from the worldwide leading provider of practical teaching

  • Control RoomsControl Rooms

    Monitoring Centres, process control, control rooms, supply control centres
    Operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • LaboratoriesLaboratories

    for Industry, research and medium sized businesses and technical science schools
    Innovative, well-engineered, future orientated work systems to the highest requirements

  • E-Technology for furnitureE-Technology for furniture

    IT-Systems, Modular solutions for offices, conference rooms and classrooms, electrical material
    Excellent technology with smarter ergonomics-a world full of possibilities

  • Rapid PCB PrototypingRapid PCB Prototyping

    Circuit board plotters, laser structuring, LDS-Prototyping, Interlayer Connection, Multilayer, SMT Rapid PCB Prototyping, Accessories
    Short development phases and fast market entry through in house prototyping

  • Wireless ChargingWireless Charging

    Qi1001 Charging station, Qi2001 Receiver, Qivolino, Woodpad, Cover Kit Qi1001
    Invisible integrated into furniture

Soluzioni tecnologiche che appassionano

Nitz Engineering S.r.l. è una delle principali realtà operanti nel settore degli arredi tecnici. La nostra società è specializzata nella progettazione e realizzazione di soluzioni d’arredo tecnico su misura e chiavi in mano per ambienti professionali in grado di unire confort, design, flessibilità ed ergonomia.

La Nitz vanta più di 40 anni di esperienza nell'allestimento di postazioni di lavoro per laboratori tecnici, laboratori didattici, sale operative, sale di controllo di eventi e processi ed aule tecnico-informatiche  dal design innovativo e dal profilo altamente performante e durevole nel tempoInoltre grazie al nostro reparto interno di R&S ed alla collaborazione con i nostri migliori partner internazionali, siamo in grado di estendere le nostre competenze a molti altri ambiti, come  accessori di elettrificazione, stazioni di ricarica wireless integrate, prototipazione rapida di PCB, soluzioni per la formazione tecnica industriale-universitaria-scolastica per l’elettronica, l’elettrotecnica, la meccatronica e la robotica applicata, fino ad arrivare ai sistemi di gestione degli Smartphone in aula per la tutela degli ambienti didattici.

Avvalersi della nostra lunga esperienza e delle nostre estese competenze equivale ad essere sempre un passo avanti!

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Nitz Engineering is one step ahead

Enjoy innovative design solutions for complex work station and training systems in laboratories, control rooms, offices and medicine for industry and schools.

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Elabo set benchmarks for technical workplace systems in the field of electronics and electrical engineering, full- and semi-automatic industrial testing systems as well as training systems in the varied careers in the field of electronics. For more than 3 decades the company has been at the forefront of developments in these fields. The latest technologies are used, both for customers and in-house such as digital image processing systems, network and fibre optic technologies.

Elabo has an extensive sales and service network across Germany. It has subsidiaries and affiliates in almost all European countries. Elabo is also active in the Middle East, the Far East, North Africa and North America.

The company’s headquarters is Crailsheim in Hohenloh’schen at the junction between the Nürnberg – Heilbronn and Würzburg – Ulm motorways.

Elabo is a member of the Euromicron Group. This rapidly growing group of companies develops and manufactures network system components (including fibre optic technology) as well as security technology, they also implement complete solutions in these areas for their customers.

But that is not all. LPKF has developed and produced machines for material processing since 1976. We are a world leader in some areas of laser micro material processing.

There is almost always a laser at the heart of all our machines which is used for machining surfaces. The basis for all laser systems is our knowledge of optics, drive and control technology which is complemented by proprietary software. With these tools we are a world market leader in four out of six product areas.

Laser systems are used in the electronics and automotive industries as well as in plastic technology and the manufacture of solar cells. Our customers use LPKF technology to develop PCBs, and edit or completely replace the Laser Direct Structuring (LDS).

In 2012 we achieved record sales of €115.1m. Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) were around €20.4m. About 85% of our products were supplied to foreign customers. We were supported by subsidiaries and sales offices throughout the world.

The company currently employs around 690 people worldwide.

One of the principal objectives of Bachmann is to ensure that customers are provided with innovative products and sustainable success. Therefore, Bachmann uses all the options offered by professional engineering and modern process management in the development of standardised and customised systems.

We make connections so that power and data streams are available exactly where they are needed-in the industrial, commercial and private sectors, in offices and training rooms, on desks and conference tables in data centres and on production lines. In short, Bachmann creates the best connections for modern life and work.

Hohenloher has been well known in schools and laboratories for more than 130 years.

With regards to education and research Hohenloher has always stood for innovative products. Quality, ergonomics and superior practical utility make the Hohenloher products unique.

HOHENLOHER is prequalified according to § 6 VOB/A and is involved as a partner in the Lab 2020 group as well as in the relevant associations for education.

Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Carl Friedrich Gauß and other world famous scientists work in Göttingen: the majority of German Nobel Prize winners come from the city which is also home to PHYWE.

For the last 100 years PHYWE has developed, produced, delivered and installed:

  • scientific equipment
  • experiments and
  • system solutions
for education and scientific advancement.

Our range of services include E-learning systems, software as well as training installation and comprehensive consultation

Our aim is to provide the best teaching for the knowledge-based, independent and progressive society of tomorrow. That is why we’re constantly working to improve our products, monitor education and research and expand our program with new innovations.

Thanks to our expertise, quality and reliability we have become the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of educational materials in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and applied sciences.

More than 145,000 customers in over 95 countries appreciate our experience, reliability, high standards of technology, the simple use of our products and our innovation. PHYWE is a sought after partner for schools, colleges, universities, private institutes, museums and research institutes worldwide.

Together with more than 60 PHYWE- authorised International Sales Partners (ISP) and in conjunction with Lucas-Nülle education and measurement instruments Ltd. who develop and produce technical teaching and learning systems for vocational training, we offer solutions which are individually adapted to your specific needs.

Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualisation solutions for a variety of specific professional markets: control rooms, defence and aerospace, digital cinema, healthcare, media and entertainment as well as simulation and virtual reality.

In these markets, Barco offers user-friendly imaging products to optimise productivity and business efficiency. The innovative hardware and software solutions from Barco integrate all aspects of the imaging chain, from image acquisition to image processing, image display and image management. Barco has its own branches for sales and marketing, customer service, research and development and manufacturing in Europe, North America and Asia. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels Euro: BAR) is active in over 90 countries and employs more than 3,900 people worldwide. Barco announced 2012 sales of €1.156 billion.

The focus is on our customers and employees

The customer has played a special role as a barometer of our market success. The successful relationship with our customers is based on a mutual understanding of a long term partnership. Our employees guarantee, through their professional and social skills, their willingness to cooperate and their personal commitment. The cooperation is based on team spirit and embodied in the lean organisational structure of our company.

Our product philosophy is based on market demand

Through experimentation with our equipment and systems which are optimised for teaching the theory is combined with industrial experience, and knowledge comes responsibility and competence. As well as our classical experimentation systems, we provide a new generation of PC-based systems in response to the growing global demand for “blended learning” solutions for scientific and technical education.

Committed to technology and quality

Lucas-Nülle have developed and produced quality and technologically advanced training systems for the last 30 years, in Kerpen near Cologne, in the following areas:

HPS Systemtechnik has worked together with universities, technical colleges, vocational schools and industry since 1971.

The idea of learning by doing is at the forefront of educational concepts with which the principles of electrical engineering and electronics are methodically and practically illustrated.

Innovative, future orientated technology, high quality and the consequent customer orientated approach has led to hps SystemTechnik being able to count many companies, training and education institutes, industry and trade amongst its customers.

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